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she'll always hide behind a star

last night i went downtown to artspace with, ryan, lisa, and marylin for the "science fiction double feature" they were showing barbarella and rocky horror picture show we missed most of barbarella though. we totally got up and timewarped and threw the appropriate props and did the call back lines. major fun. everyone there was really cool. between films we had discussions on them haha. a few people even dressed up. we all just sat on the floor in beanbags or chairs it was great. i'd always known about artspace but hadn't actually gone downtown to visit it yet. i will definitely be going back. i hadn't seen marylin since westside story at the beginning of my senior year when we met because we discovered our mutual love for david bowie among other odd things we shared, but last night we all hung out and she's still so cool, one of those people you think "why don't i hang out with this person more?" i need to spend more time with ryan and lisa too.

so guys we should make it a plan to watch cheesy B science fiction movies every weekend.
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