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your flirt finds me out smittens me with hope

i feel completely unstimulated. everything bores me. i've done nothing for the past 2 days except read jim morrison's diaries and watch italian films. then i go back to sleep.

i've been watching the baby of one of the receptionist girls at my mom's work, she gives me 100$ week. but i thought this was only going to be a two week thing because i applied at our verternarian's office for a full time job. but it looks like i'm babysitting again this week. i hope the vet calls me back soon. i've decided to take a semester off from school, and it's not really my favorite decision but i need to save money. and i've been wanting to transfer schools anyway because well, LSU's fine arts department is not all that spectacular, it might as well not even exist :/ i love school and i love being in college, i just don't like being in college at LSUS. so my plan (hopefully) is to save up some money and transfer somewhere where i'll be happy. i don't know, i feel like a chump for taking the semseter off, i guess to me in a way it looks like i'm quitting. ugh. nothing i've thought about lately has made me particularly happy.

The night is young & full of rest
I can't describe the way she's dressed
She'll pander to some strange requests
Anything that you suggest
Anything to please her guest
-Jim Morrison

i miss you dollface xox
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