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ok so the family visit turned out to not be that bad. except when they asked me to take the family portrait and no one wanted to listen to me when i was trying to tell them to move out or position them, because it was hot and they wanted to hurry, so it looks like 15 people crammed into a picture. i think my grandpa was really happy to have the whole family together for this too, so that was important.

i thought i was going to get a car, we checked it out and decided to get it but doren hasn't called me back about it and it's been like 2 weeks. i'm saddend... other than that i have absolutely no life and nothing to update about. i really want to go see march of the penguins.


mom and her siblings (mom is in the bright flowered dress)

the grandkids (minus two cousins)

gee i'm really not happy with how i look...

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