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help! do it!

The hurricane has hit New Orleans harder than most expected as well as many other cities along the coast. Thousands of people who found refuge in the super dome are now having to leave because of extensive damage, no electricity, and flooding. Most of them have no home to go back to, and many are stuck in their homes with no escape. Thousands are feared dead and what we can find out is limited because of the immense flooding. If you can help in any way, even if it's just donating old clothes or canned goods, even just volunteering some of your time, please visit the links below. You can even help here at home, there are an estimated 40,000 evacuees in shreveport/bossier alone.

"Dead Bodies Floating In The Water"
"At Risk for West Nile Virus, Typhoids, Snake Bites, Bug Bites"
"No Clean Water-You cant see where you are walking"
"Toilets do not work"
"No Food, Dead Animals From Farms"

As well as exenstive damage to buildings, homes, and other property. Anything you can give will be a gift.



and if you happen to be of the selfish type, think about this, all the devastation to oil rigs in the gulf is going to make gas prices jump up. so if you want them to go back down, donate and help out suckas!

and! if you happen to live here in shreveport/bossier come to the show!

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