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don't change your name, keep it the same for fear I may lose you again

so my car was broken into today, all my cds gone. i know it could have been worse and it's all "material posessions" but i like to think of my music as much more than a material posession.

our time was all so surreal, i swear i'm going to wake up and be 17 again, starting over. i cried and told him that if we didn't have a garden state moment i was going to cry all the way home. he makes me so surreal.

i kind of don't like this picture of me though...

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I especially love the last one.

Awesome pictures! :)
thanks :)
The last one is my favorite, and I hope everything ..well gets better. Call me sometime woman. I work today 6-9..I think
yeah i hadn't been feeling good all day really and i guess when we got the movies i just started to feel really really bad icky bad, and i was still kind of bummed about my car so i just came home and layed down. i'll totally make up for it though and we'll go out and have fun :D
I like your pictures especially the last one. Awww
I love you hilly, call me sometime!!!