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i might throw things.

i came home from work early today because i'm feeling a bit not good. i walk in and my little brother and his 3 friends are in the living room playing video games and being sooooo loud. i asked him "why are you home???" and i forgot that they get out early this friday to start christmas break. :( i'm so sleepy and not feeling good and they are soooo loud, i can't even read my book...meanies.

i think having two jobs is starting to wear and tear on me. but i need the jobs. awhile back i applied for a call center to make 10$ an hour and i called for an interview and they said someone would call me shortly to talk again....ok that was like early november. now i'm getting emails telling me re-call for the first interview!? now i have two jobs, but i know at this one i'm gauranteed 40 hours a week at 10$ an hour. oh what to do, what to do? but if i call back and re-do this and they give me the run around again...hmm.

ok i'm going to eat pasta vegetable soup and take a nap.

i want to drive to california for christmas...i really really do.
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